Quinta dos Padres Santos - Agroturismo & Spa!
Quinta dos Padres Santos AG & Spa, is an agro-tourism that combines agriculture, in its 3ha of orchard, with ethnographic patrimony, with its 2 watermills and the farm house, renovated and adapted to the modern demand for comfort, with a welcoming small Spa.
It offers 5 double rooms in the Farm House and 2 suites in the watermills, called ‘aqua pura’ and ‘aqua benedicta’.
For your leisure and entertainment, the pool, the atelier, the events room and the Spa are available, alongside with the more energetic activities of weeding and fruit picking, horseback riding, bicycle rides, and a jeep you can drive through routes and itineraries with or without destination. A packed snack will always ride along.
In the laziness of the solarium or upon return from your tour, you will find delicious treats, products of the Farm, sausages and cheeses from Tarouca, Douro wines, Varosa sparkling wines, jams and juices from the fruits of the “Land of the Demon”.


Through valleys

The existing Quinta dos Padres Santos is what’s left of a Douro region property owned at the end of the 19th century by a couple who, in these domains of the Cistercian Order in Portugal, became known as Padres Santos (Holy Fathers) because they used to give bread to the poor.
In the enchanted valley of the Varosa River, we find several monasteries and abbeys with farmland among which the paramount exemplars are the Monastery of S. João de Tarouca and the Salzedas Convent.
The Ucanha Tower, near the ford of the Varosa River, one of the various national monuments in Tarouca, was already standing before the birth of the nation in 1143, being the oldest feudal toll in Europe.
Many riches bless the valley with fruits, meat, smoked meat, pastry, nectars, wines and sparkling wines.
Land of mysteries and Moorish enchantments, stories of maidens, prophecies, pots of gold and treacheries…
Scenery of hamlets, vineyard villages, mansions and churches, vineyards, groves, orchards, rivers and dams, viewpoints  and towers, nooks and crannies.
Through valleys of enchantments and gold, between the rivers Douro and Varosa.


Lugar dos Cubos, Eira Queimada - Gouviães
3610-030 Tarouca (Douro)
GPS: N 41.06544 - W 7.76143
Phone +351 254678171
Fax +351 254781192

after arriving at the region, we will provide the transfer to Quinta dos Padres Santos AG & SPA
  • by boat :         from Oporto to Régua
  • by train :   
    • from Oporto to Régua
    • from Lisboa to Mangualde (Viseu)
    • from Spain to Mangualde (Viseu)
  • by bus :     to Lamego
  • by car :
    • from South :     A1, A25, A24, EN 226
    • from North:     A4, A 24, EN 226
    • from Spain:    A25 ou A24, EN 226